Riversides Hardware Store of Choice

Here in Riverside, we recognize that you have a number of options when picking between hardware stores. Due to this, we understand that we need to bring our A Game to the table in order to make the case of why you should pick Schauer's Hardware above all the alternatives. That’s why we’ve created an amazing website to inform you just what to expect when you shop at the best shop for hardware supplies in Riverside.

When shopping with us, you’ll find the entirety of things you need to repair, replace, or fix up practically everything around your home. We stock a huge plumbing supply inventory where you’ll discover sinks, faucets, pipes, fittings, and all the tools you need to install them with. We’ve got a large lighting section with all the lamps, fans, light bulbs, and other illumination devices you need to brighten up your house with.

Our supply isn’t just restricted to these things though. We’ve got a lot more to offer Riverside by offering only the highest-quality products for:

Looking further than simply supplying you with the ultimate in hardware supply options, we’ve likewise got a whole host of services lined up and ready for you. From paint color matching to small appliance repair, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to ask us more about the following hardware services:

Swing on by today and find out for yourself what makes us the best hardware store in Riverside. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the parts and pieces you need to effectively complete any job you need to do.