The Elmwood Park Hardware Store Like No Other

Schauer's Hardware is a Elmwood Park hardware store that gives you so much more than the same old “same old” hardware store fare. Well, we handle that too, naturally. But besides the typical hardware store tools and so forth we also inventory first-class …

  • supplies and equipment for your lawn and garden,
  • building supplies,
  • home décor,
  • housewares,
  • appliances,
  • automotive products, including parts and equipment, and
  • so much more that’s bound to surprise and delight you!

Rest assured, we specialize in brand-name products – those of only excellent quality, provided by well-recognized, respected manufacturers and preferred by do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors.

Our products aren’t the only things that set us apart. We’re also uniquely characterized by our wide range of services – services provided by few other Elmwood Park hardware stores:

Whatever product or service you’re considering from us, you’ll find our skilled staff eager to help you with it, if you need help. That’s their primary function, whether to guide you in determining which product or service is right for your purposes, explain how to use a product you haven’t used before, or provide consultation on your specific home improvement, renovation, or new construction project. You’ll like that we’re agreeable to talk with, too. Pros and amateurs alike solicit our advice. And, as many of your neighbors will attest, there’s nothing too simple or complicated for us to help you with.

One more thing that differentiates us from other Elmwood Park hardware stores is our pricing. We’ve a mind to save you money. So we see to it that our everyday prices are kept to a minimum. What’s more, we’re known for having frequent sales and promotional discounts. So the more you shop with us, the more you save!

If you’ve shopped with us before, you already know about our incomparable products, pricing, and service. If you’re unfamiliar with us, a pleasant – and rewarding! – shopping experience awaits you. Come on in and find out for yourself why there isn’t any other Elmwood Park hardware store quite like Schauer's Hardware.