Your Best Chicago Hardware Store and More!

Product. Price. Personal Service. These are what have enabled Schauer's Hardware to become the premier Chicago hardware store. People hereabouts just trust us. And what they trust, more than anything, is that we have what they regard as necessary to upgrade their way of life, no matter if they’re do-it-yourselfers hoping to spruce up a kitchen or redo the house – or they’re professional contractors handing various new construction or remodel projects.

It goes way beyond us carrying all the orthodox hardware store products. Oh, yes, we’ve got those by the bushel: the hand and power tools, the nuts and bolts and nails and whatnot. But we’re also an all-encompassing Chicago building supply store, a Chicago lawn and garden center, a Chicago home décor and housewares store, a Chicago appliance store, a Chicago automotive store, and … well, you get the gist of it! “Hardware” is really too confining a word to embrace all the products we offer!

We’ll talk about specific products momentarily. Before that, though, a passing thought about pricing: Schauer's Hardware is known to have among the best, most competitive, most affordable prices in and around Chicago. Even so, we'll complement our low everyday prices with recurring sale prices and special promotional discounts. Little wonder, then, that so many of your neighbors use us as a pricing benchmark. Amazing products, amazing prices, and amazing deals are par for the course at Schauer's Hardware!

The same is true of personal service. In each department, you’ll meet friendly team members who not only look forward to helping you but who also possess the training, knowledge, and experience to make their help truly constructive. Schauer's Hardware people speak your language, whether you’re a professional contractor or a complete do-it-yourself newbie. Want help picking the best product for your purposes and budget? You’ve got it! Haven’t a clue how to install a product or how it’s used? We have a talent for explaining things simply and straightforwardly! Want a little design guidance or extra consultation on a tough home remodel project? We’re just the people to engage!

Our complete array of customer services includes: 

As for our particular product inventory, here’s a short list of what you can expect to find in our various departments:

Come on by and visit us often, because our catalogue does change occasionally. That’s merely to keep up with the latest technological advances, design trends, and customer preferences. As we’ve indicated: We aim to be your best Chicago hardware store … and more!