Cooking on the Grill for the Complete Year in Forest Park

Why is it that a dish cooked on a Forest Park grill just tastes so good?  Maybe it’s the fresh open- air, or maybe it’s the know-how of the endless diverse cooking styles, or maybe it’s no mess in the kitchen?  Whatever your goal is for grilling, cooking outside is more than just grilling anymore - grilling is delightful!

In the summer months we tend to grill again and again. July is National Grilling Month and a wonderful moment to take interest in all the brands of grills available at Schauer's Hardware. But if you demand an advanced grill, it’s still a fine time to feature what it takes to save your grill and keep it in tip top shape for the rest of this summer time.

Preserve Your Grill

So you’ve invested in a wonderful grill and why wouldn’t you want to get a little time to sustain your grill by keeping it clean? Grates should be brushed thoroughly after each grilling. After a while, who chooses to grill on a greasy grill? There are countless kinds of merchandise on the market for cleaning your grate, but unquestionably any relatively clean grill brush will help – soft bristle or nylon brushes may work in the same way. If you are using a stainless steel or brass wire brush, verify that it is approved to put into action on your grill grates by the manufacturer before using it on your grill.

Spruce Up Your Grill While It's Still Warm

Cleaning is best done sooner than later after you grill, since the grill is warm and scraps are fresh. With the different types of grates like porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, coated steel or other types, it’s easiest to get it warm then cleanse it. Once your grill has cooled down after cooking, but is yet warm, take your brush and scrub off any extra food debris. If you select to clean the grates before you plan to grill, then pre-heat the grill to a high heat of 500 degrees then clean the grates with the brands supported bristle grade brush. After scrubbing, the heat can be fixed to a good cooking temperature as supported in your recipe. You can at once rest easier knowing your grill is beautiful and clean!


Spruce Up Your Grill To Keep it Nice

After the grilling season is over, you should do a good washing to your grill. This will help keep your grill nice for months and years to come. This requires that you pretty much take it apart to to maintain it. If it is a gas/propane grill, remove the gas line and then take out the grill parts layer by layer. When you reach to the burner, check and try to inspect it thoroughly. If you can scrub it, then do so, if not, replace it. If your grill uses lava rocks or ceramic briquettes double-check that these are not caked with grilled on foods. If they are coated with burnt food, replace them. Grill elements are available at most hardware stores. Find out by contacting Schauer's Hardware to find out what we have in-stock for your grill.

Obtain a Grill Cover to Protect It

Retain the appearance of your grill by putting a cover on it! Especially when not in use, but of course, when it has cooled down and not blazing. The cover will not only insulate the grill from the weather but will also keep grime and other particles away from the grill. Look for a good quality grill cover. One that will not hold moisture in. Pursue a grill cover with a felt liner and made with an exceptionally thick vinyl to hold off the weather. A cover is not mandatory but could facilitate and maintain the grills durability especially if there are sections that may wear in the weather.

Schauer's Hardware Is Within Reach to Give Customer Service

For a full scrubbing and upkeep of your specific Forest Park grill, we propose to make sure to review your grill brand’s protocol. If you have a question on scrubbing and/or keeping up, or are in demand of rehab pieces for your charcoal grill, gas grill or other kind of grill, connect with Schauer's Hardware grilling department at 708-366-1100 or drive on over to 7449 West Madison Street in Forest Park and we would be happy to assist you!

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